Absolutely true according to Tom L. Ron Cruise. Well he would know. To quote the X Files, the truth is out there and frankly, so’s Tom. Is it me or is he getting fruit loopy by the day. When so many yes men agree with your every word I guess you are bound to believe you have all the answers. Lost his cool over a water pistol, subscribes to the L. Ron Hubbard school of Scientology (you got an ‘ology, you’re a scientist) spouting off to the German press that there must be aliens out in space. This is method in the extreme. Sounds to us as though Nicole got out just in time. What’s next Tom, throwing food across restaurants and punching people who don’t agree with you. Don’t look now but the ego has landed. Looking forward to the film though – even though I haven’t been able to take you seriously as an actor since… even though I haven’t been able to take you seriously as an actor.

Coffee Filters – Bullshit

coffee filter

You know how important it is to get a good cup of coffee? And how expensive coffee filters are? And how you need to buy a specific type of filter that fits perfectly inside your machine? And the ONLY way you’re going to get a decent cup is by doing exactly what you’re told, right? BULLSHIT

I’ve just been round Gooner’s house and his wife slapped two sheets of kitchen roll (generic, unpatterned) into the coffemaker and away to go – Brilliant!

Want weaker coffee – use three sheets
Espresso – one sheet
Cappuccino – get a straw and blow

Now tell everybody and together we can put these filter-fakers out of business