It could only happen in America. We thought thieves who stole a Henry Moore Bronze statue had to be a bit off the wall as the thing weighed over a ton. But in Memphis, Tennessee, (home of Elvis) thieves stole an entire rock climbing wall weighing in at 2700 kilos. Just imagine the logistics of that!

First of all, it’s not a one man job. One guy in a hooped sweater and face mask isn’t going to carry this off. It’s going to take a crew of guys and frankly I reckon that the hooped sweaters and masks en masse will give them away sooner or later. Secondly, it’s going to require a hell of a big swag bag. The letters themselves will be at least six feet tall not to mention the size of the bag – though you’d have to know what you were looking for before it dawned on you what was happening. “Say Doris, does that say SWAG?”

I mean, it’s not the sort of thing that happens on a day to day basis. Also, how do you fence a thing like a climbing wall. Surely you don’t just hawk it round bars, “Psst! Say buddy, want to buy a climbing wall going cheap? We can deliver.” And who came up with the idea? “Look Chuck I’ve got this great idea. Let’s nick that climbing wall.

The good news is that it was recovered though what the thieves thought they would do with it is mystifying.