The Power Inquiry, chaired by Baroness Helena Kennedy are using emotive phrases like Politics in Danger of Meltdown! – to push for radical changes to the politics of this country? This is just the same hyped fear mongering they used over Iraq to get public opinion on their side. Are they suggesting then that democracy is in danger? Well adjustments are a good idea and politics can awlways be improved in this land but giving 16 year olds the vote? Come on mate! What are these loonies thinking? Of all the 16 year olds, how many of them will have a true sense of what is right and what is wrong rather than an idealistic vision based on what they want, rather than what we need. This would be as measured a judgement as would be a decision to put handles on the inside of cups to stop them being broken.

The government is talking of raising the age limit on the purchase of cigarettes. How then can they even think of lowering the age on something much more dangerous. Giving 16 year olds the vote is like putting a loaded gun in the hands of a child. If however, they do lower the voting age – also the age at which they can become an MP – they should then consider doing something about the spiralling motor insurance rates. Reduce the bias and agree that teenagers are more responsible than we give them credit for. Can you see insurance companies going for that based on historical records. Surely then they should also lower the age at which teenagers can drive too… to 16. In which case, the age of consensual homosexuality should also be lowered to 16, with the heterosexual age limit for sexual intercourse being lowered to say 14. The drinking age should then be lowered to allow 16 year old sixth formers to pop down the pub. Alter too the age limits on adult and horror films. A younger age group must therefore be less affected than we once thought they would be by violent or sexually explicit films.

No you have to ask, what half baked group of politically correct lefty loonies thought up the idea to lower the voting age. It can only be a group that would see themselves as the main beneficiaries of such a change. A body that would welcome the idealistic voting from a vast body of ill informed, emotional, hormonal immature adults. The New (old) Labour Party. Well who else!