This is a case of did you see…? I did and couldn’t believe the daft parents who lavished thousands of pounds on their spoilt little darlings who can barely comprehend the concept of money to start with. Was any sane person not staring wide D&Geyed at the screen as these pampered brats – yes and all of them were brats, no exceptions – had mummy dearest spend more and more money on their every whim. One parent Debbie seemed incapable of bettering her young manipulative child Georgina who at first seemed quite sweet, until in the saddle of a pony – which she didn’t yet own – then she became super brat kicking out and talking to her mother in a way that would have had most sane parents sending them back to the car and tearing a strip off them. Debbie sadly seemed lobotomised smiling lamely and shrugging as her daughter angrily rode away from camera with the horse blanket trailing. Is there any wonder that dear little Georgina is at 11 already a monster! Truth is the parents were the saddest of all and most of them were either 03selfish and vicariously self indulgent or just plain thick. Do parents like that really think that endless spending on their prepubescent offspring on that scale is normal? Do they not for a moment wonder what kind of people they are bringing in to the world? Do they not wonder how the rest of the world perceives them? I suspect not and wouldn’t be surprised to hear them say that it was their right to spend their money how they liked. That of course its true. But do they not consider the potential disaster scenario? Supposing it all goes wrong. Supposing they lose everything, they have to make a backward step. Just who is going to suffer most? And if that doesn’t happen what kind of spoilt rich, grasping, greedy little schemer will they produce? Clearly the parents are weak minded individuals who lack something in their lives and are prepared to 05sacrifice their children to fill the gaps in their own existence. They as much as admitted it. The children are stronger and demanding running rings around their soppy simpering mothers, and where by the way were the fathers. All except one – a designer of bespoke children’s bedroom interiors who was about as daft as the others – stayed well off camera, presumably because they were either embarrassed or too canny to show their faces. Wasn’t it Adler who suggested that a child from birth tries to control its parents and that the parent has a duty to make sure that doesn’t happen so that the child understands authority, well it may have been but its been a while since I read it up. However, it was clear from this program that the child was a master when it came to blackmail. There was a clear case of of buy it for me or I wont love you and guess what, the parents fell for it every time! And when they reach adolescence and it becomes the thing to do to take drugs, there’s going to be no one on the planet to persuade them otherwise.

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