Roll up roll up, get your identity cards here. Priced to go. Anywhere between £93 and £300 depending on whether you believe the government or the LSE who estimate the cost to the tax payer at £300. Nonsense say the government. Though on the basis that the they’ll promise you anything to get re-elected in four years time, the cost will be capped – according to Charles Clarke – at £30 pounds, suggesting of course that the cost will still be borne by the tax payer, just in a another form. Of course they will probably cost a hell of a lot more abroad but you can bet your sweet bippy that in less time than it takes to book a seat for a Cheri Blair No.10 lecture, they will be apperaing’ like pop corn in somewhere like China or India, available to any old illegal or terrorist wanting to get through the back door into Britain making them as legit as £3 note. So examine your neighbour carefully and if his name is anything like Osama Dun Roamin, mention it to a constabulary near you