..or should it be the other way around? We have now hit on a serious theory as to why Michael Jackson has had so much surgery on his face – which by the way, Jackson alleges is no more than two operations – Yeah right and the Millennium Done was built square originally. Anyway, we believe that Jacko is trying to remodel his features on the world renown children’s MJRonaldMcDfavourite Ronald McDonald. The similarities are uncanny (see our composite left) and completely contradict our earlier article, that Jackson was modelling his face on a Yak’s arse. True, at times it has often looked like a midget peering out of a Yaks sphincter but in fact the new theory holds much more water. Michael has always wanted to get close to children. He has his Neverland ranch, a fair ground, a zoo and a K-Y tanker parked around the back. The one thing he needed after all that was an image they could connect with. It was either going to be Peter Pan or because of the restrictions of his natural appearance it had to be something more attainable. And lets face it, all kids love to get a McDonalds inside them. It was the obvious next step. In yer face Jacko! The trial continues.