The Royals


The Royals – a family with wealth beyond the dreams of avarice. More corrupting than their wealth – the power they wield. Their arrogance will astound you. Their cold blooded attitude to the rest of the human race will shock you. You’ll thrill to the majesty and lavish extravagance of their life style. You’ll gasp at the young members of the family who appear to be completely oblivious of their obligations. You’ll laugh your socks off as one of the family blunders around playing film directors. You’ll yawn at the antics of the weak older meddling brother and his hippy lifestyle and divorcee girlfriend. You’ll turn off at the arrogant middle brother and his non stop philandering. You’ll make a sharp intake of breath at the way the paternal Don gaffs his way through foreign tours so completely without common sense. (with apologies to HBO)